REFORM UK have announced William Fagg as their parliamentary candidate for the new Bridgwater constituency.

Mr Fagg, who currently lives in Berrow with his partner who works in the NHS, explained how despite being a lifelong Conservative, he has become an admirer of Nigel Farage.

“I was a lifelong Conservative who became sick of only voting to stop socialism entering Number 10 and not because I agreed with Conservative policies," he said.

 “I am unashamedly a huge admirer of Nigel Farage and having read the Reform UK party policies I found myself agreeing with them all, which for me was a very new and exciting experience, as previously I saw no viable alternative."

“I was desperate to vote for Reform UK and as there was no candidate, I decided I could no longer just sit on the side lines and complain, as I became part of the problem and not the solution.”

William has spent over 40 years working in procurement and supplies in both manufacturing and services - a career which he feels helps him to appreciate the attack on waste in Government spending in Reform UK’s policies.

"Every year I would have to reduce costs by a minimum of 5 per cent without reducing service levels, and I always achieved this as a minimum," he said,

"So, Reform UK’s savings targets are, in my opinion, absolutely realistic and achievable.

Mr Fagg added: “I can’t afford the ridiculous prices of an EV or a heat pump just to satisfy Starmer and Sunak’s Net Zero aspiration.

"It is time for change and Reform UK are the only common-sense party who are really in touch with the British people.”

Mr Fagg said he has already received support from constituents in the Bridgwater and Burnham-on-Sea areas.

“I am getting very positive feedback from everyone I talk to in the constituency, who really seem to have had enough of the two party system and see Reform UK as a credible and viable alternative who currently have the most dynamic leader in British politics.”

Mr Fagg is standing for election against Pele Barnes (Independent), Ashley Fox (Conservative), Charles Graham (Green Party), Leigh Redman (Labour), Claire Sully (Lib Dem) and Gregory Tanner (Workers Party).