A SCHOOL in Bridgwater has unveiled its new Astroturf pitch. 

On Tuesday, June 4, Mayor of Bridgwater Cllr Jacqui Solomon cut the ribbon to open the new pitch, which belongs to Chilton Trinity School, and was installed by their PFI providers, BAM Construction.

The school has worked hard to push to replace the surface of the pitch, the former of which the hockey club said has caused 'numerous grazed knees'.

All the stakeholders involved in the project were invited to celebrate, and students enjoyed showcasing the new pitch which the school says will greatly benefit the whole Bridgwater community.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Bridgwater Hockey Club said: "Hello to the new Fortress Chilton!

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"We are thrilled to announce that our new pitch was officially opened this morning by the Mayor of Bridgwater!

"A huge thank you to our brilliant Bridget and BAM for making this all happen! Thank you so much! We cannot wait for the new season already! 

"Finally we would like to take a few moments to pay our respects to our former pitch… thank you for all the memories, the cause of numerous grazed knees and the occasional bump on the head, but mainly rest in peace to the infamous Chilton bobble who made us all look a little bit silly sometimes!"