A SALON in North Petherton has been questioned by radio presenter Jeremy Vine in a recent interview with BBC Radio 2.

The Hair Bar - which was named Somerset's best hair salon in 2023 at the English Business Awards - has been recognised for its 'silent treatments', in which those needing a haircut can opt to have it done in complete silence.

The salon runs under the ethos of 'time for yourself', and incorporates wellbeing into every treatment offered, with all staff well versed in the field of mental health.

Speaking to Jeremy Vine, Erin McCabe, owner and director at The Hair Bar, said: "Since Covid, we've given the option of a silent service.

"We'll obviously do a very thorough consultation first, but after that we give them the peace that they've wanted.

"It'll be people that are stressed from work life, busy mums, a complete mixture."

When asked the reason why people may opt for this type of treatment, Erin explained that at The Hair Bar there are 'no questions asked'.

"What we strongly believe is that if a customer feels comfortable, that's what we want to do - we want to feel inclusive to everybody.

"If they prefer to be in silence, then I will absolutely go with that."The Hair Bar staff after being named Somerset's best hair salon at the English Business Awards in 2023.The Hair Bar staff after being named Somerset's best hair salon at the English Business Awards in 2023. (Image: The Hair Bar)

The Hair Bar recently installed a new, quiet area called the Snug, with only four chairs for those who prefer a more quiet, one-to-one experience.

Speaking to the Mercury last year, Erin explained that her hair salon is a cut above others in Somerset due to it's major focus on mental health.

“I suffer with my own mental health – I just wanted to create a salon that was like a little bubble for people," Erin explained.

"I wanted every client to feel welcome, like it was a safe space.

"Every single person has something going on in their life which they need some time out from.

“We try to make the whole experience really relaxed, really welcoming."