A GREEN energy industrialist has become a patron for a campaign group against the construction of a nuclear power station near Bridgwater.

Dale Vince is the latest addition to a growing list of patrons to the Stop Hinkley group, has been campaigning since 1983 against all the nuclear reactors on the Bristol Channel and the Severn Estuary. 

The group hopes to push for 'greener technologies more appropriate to this millennium.'

Vince, the new patron, founded Ecotricity, a 100 per cent renewable energy provider, in 1996.

The Stop Hinkley group believes that not only is a 100 per cent renewable energy mix 'perfectly feasible' for the UK but would save over £100bn in achieving net zero by 2050, compared to the UK Government’s current strategy.

Stop Hinkley spokesperson Roy Pumfrey said:“At a time when nuclear power is rapidly losing ground to the astonishing growth in renewables, it’s great to have someone onboard who founded a company which allows ordinary members of the public to actually vote on the nuclear question with their electricity bill.”

Dale Vince said: “I’m really pleased to be a patron of the Stop Hinkley campaign which is working to stop the Government wasting billions of taxpayers’ money on a technology which is hugely expensive and slow to develop.

"Plus, the UK has no sources of Uranium and by 2050 there will be a global shortage.

"Nuclear soaks up huge amounts of investment which could be better spent on renewable solutions, with money left over for our schools and hospitals.  

"It's essential that we mobilise every resource effectively in the battle against climate change.”

Hinkley Point C declined to comment in response to the news.