TICKETS for the ever popular Bridgwater Carnival Concerts are set to go on sale next week.

From Wednesday, May 1, those hoping to get into the carnival spirit early between Monday, September 30, and Saturday, October 12, will be able to secure their spot at the Town Hall shows.

Ticket prices range between £15 and £19.50, and this year there will be a reduction in the number of tickets available for each performance due to Bridgwater Town Hall’s planned improved seating arrangements and a change to the accustomed seating plan.

Just under 3,500 tickets are available for the 12 performances, in which a cast of over 600 entertainers from 12 carnival clubs, 2 dance troupes and 12 front of curtain acts will perform.

The tickets will be available to be purchased at the Carnival Centre, High Street, Bridgwater, from 9am on Wednesday 1 May, and from 10am online at

Like last year, both those buying tickets online and directly from the Carnival Centre will be able to select specific seats for preferred nights.

Sarah Humphrey, Entertainment Director for Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival, said: “Our 2023 carnival concerts were a sell-out, so if last year is anything to go by and when we factor in the reduction in tickets due to the new seating arrangements, I really do think the demand for tickets for this year’s show is going to be bigger than ever.

“Therefore, to avoid any disappointment, my advice would be to buy your concert tickets as soon as you can.”

Every person watching the show must buy a ticket. The show is not suitable for very young children, and the cradling of small babies or the sitting on laps by young children is not permitted.

Wheelchair users and those with mobility aids are asked to highlight this during the purchase of tickets so that necessary storage and viewing arrangements can be made.