More than 40 business owners gathered at the first joint business networking event between the Bridgwater Chamber of Commerce and Yeovil and District Chamber CIC.

The occasion was held on April 18 at Somerset's Hurds Hill.

The event served as a networking affair and a platform for entrepreneurs to exchange insights, network, and lay the groundwork for future ventures.

Jo Reynolds, president of the Yeovil Chamber, said: "We are very pleased with the interaction and partnerships we are growing with other town chambers and this, I am sure, will be the first of many joint events with Bridgwater Chamber of Commerce.

Bridgwater Mercury: Diogo Rodrigues, Bridgwater Chamber Manager, & Jo Reynolds, Yeovil Chamber President

“Events like this one are fundamental to the survival and growth of local Somerset businesses and we were pleased to see so many new partnerships and conversations happening this morning."

Diogo Rodrigues, manager of Bridgwater Chamber of Commerce, said: "We have partnered with Taunton Chamber on joint business networking events and we’re now doing so with Yeovil, opening doors to a wealth of opportunities for Bridgwater businesses.

"Plans are also underway for further collaborations with Wells and Glastonbury & Street.

“Creating pathways to prosperity for Bridgwater businesses is what we do best, and we know that these joint Chamber business events provide invaluable new opportunities for our businesses.”