IT is always really satisfying when our carnival does actually make it onto national television, and that’s exactly what happened at the end of last month, writes Bridgwater Carnival Publicity Director, Dave Stokes.

The carnival was featured on a prime time Channel 5 television documentary travelogue called Somerset: Wonder of the West Country, and was narrated by popular broadcaster and gardener, Alan Titchmarsh.

The initial reaction to the documentary has been very positive, and we have already seen the benefits of what national publicity can bring.

Online orders for grandstand and hospitality tickets for this year’s procession spiked in the 72 hours after the documentary was first aired, and we received orders from places such as Walsall, Norfolk, and Penrith in Cumbria, to name just a few.

Our experience seems consistent with other attractions featured in the five part tv series and county holiday accommodation providers, who have reported an increase in bookings since the five part series which explored our beautiful and culturally fascinating county was broadcast.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dave Cleaveley and everybody in Lime Kiln Carnival Club, and carnival judge, Shermaine Slocombe, for agreeing to be part of the documentary.

We really do appreciate your help and support with this project, particularly as the filming was done during the busiest time of the carnival year, including on carnival day itself.

If you haven’t seen the documentary yet or would like to see it again, you can still do so. Just visit the Channel 5 website (, and type in ‘Somerset: Wonder of the West Country’ under the search button, and select episode 4.

Alternatively, you can click

Moving onto this year’s carnival activities, tickets for our 2024 Carnival Concerts will go on sale on Wednesday, May 1.

Just like last year, you will be able to select and purchase specific carnival concert seats for your preferred night both through our official website and from the carnival centre, and your e-tickets will be sent directly to your mobile phone, or to an email address where they can be printed off.

This year’s concerts take place between Monday, September 30 and Saturday, October 12, and due to Bridgwater Town Hall’s planned improved seating arrangements, there will be a slight reduction in the number of tickets available for each performance and a change to the seating plan.

So if you would like to go to this year’s concerts, our advice would be to buy your ticket early.

The Carnival Centre will open from 9am on Wednesday May, 1 for ticket sales, with online sales via starting at 10am.

Prices for this year’s tickets range from £15 to £19.50.