A Somerset author is coming to Bridgwater Library to give a free talk.

Justin Newland will address his audience on The Limits of Empire from 2pm to 3.30pm on March 22.

His talk will discuss the transformation of England at the dawn of the Elizabethan era.

Initially an isolated, mist-shrouded isle, England became the hub of a new world order under the influence of Dr John Dee's vision.

His book The Limits of Empire inspired England to spread its laws, customs, and language globally, establishing it as a key player in trade and communication.

The historical period served as an inspiration for Mr Newland's recent novel, The Mark of the Salamander.

It shines a spotlight on the legendary exploits and hidden history of Sir Francis Drake's world voyage.

Mr Newland, known for blending historical fiction with magical realism, has other works like The Genes of Isis, The Old Dragon’s Head, The Coronation, and The Abdication.

The talk is free, but pre-registration is required.

Attendees can sign up at library reception or contact Somerset Libraries Bridgwater through Facebook or email.