I'M ecstatic! No, I'M ecstatic! Well, I’M overjoyed! No, I'M overjoyed, writes Bridgwater Town Council Leader, Brian Smedley.

Well in that case I’m euphoric! Ah, not ‘elated’ then? Yes, I’m that too.

Well, me I’m delighted. I’m thrilled, I’m over the moon, and, well, I’m basically quite pleased.

Such was the reaction to the announcement of the new Gigafactory.

Everyone was more delighted than the next person in welcoming this £4 billion investment into the green economy and situated somewhere (well, you won’t not notice it at 40 metres high) on the green fields of Somerset.

This battery farm will supercharge the economy and keep it running like 4,000 Duracell bunnies constantly on re-charge.

And that’s fine. It's ALL fine. As was Hinkley. Although if Hinkley blew up we wouldn’t have to worry about local politics for a while, as there'd be no local, or anything surviving the subsequent nuclear winter.

No such danger with the figafactory and the worse that can happen is it'll 'look a bit like a giant building you can see from Bristol'.

But mainly it’s fine because they've promised local labour agreements and haven't defined 'local' as EDF did, to include ‘Southampton’.

Now there’s a bit of controversy; these batteries use around 12 kg of lithium.

The salt flats in Chile where lithium is found contaminate and divert scarce water, and there’s concern that the stuff is being mined by 12-year-olds.

Of course I hear you say, 'we’ve got lithium in Cornwall, Cornish 12-year-olds could be doing that!' but lithium mining can also be controversial.

For instance recently in one town, 95 per cent of the population voted to reject the mining company's promises that the ore's exploitation will create around 800 jobs for locals.

However, on balance, we do want this - we want green jobs and we want batteries.

But mainly, we want any incoming workers not to take the scant accommodation available to local workers.

That said, we're all local after we've been here for a while, and in my case, they won't let me back onto Anglesey - not after that court case.