A FORMER Tory MP is launching a new farming and environment themed podcast focused on food security. 

The podcast called 'We can do both' is being hosted by Neil Parish, former Tiverton and Honiton MP. You can listen to the first episode from Thursday (February 29). 

Neil, who is a beef and arable farmer in Somerset, has dedicated his life to politics and agriculture as chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) committee. He also rears 50 Devon and Hereford cattle on his farm near Bridgwater

The podcast is set to highlight important issues surrounding food security. Neil will interview farmers and environmentalists who showcase how we can produce good food alongside the natural environment. 

"I have a genuine concern about the future of farming and food production, which needs to be a lot higher up the agenda," he said.

"The guests on my podcast have a vast amount of experience and knowledge in managing the farmed environment, and I want to help share their stories, air their frustrations and raise awareness of what can and is being done to produce high quality food whilst protecting nature; hence the name ‘We Can Do Both’. 

"Anyone with an interest in the countryside should take a listen."

Somerset farmer James Winslade, who farms on the levels, is the first guest on the podcast.

"Neil has been a huge supporter and helped farmers greatly during his time as a member of parliament," James added.

"This podcast is fantastic publicity and will share our stories on how we grow food whilst managing the landscapes around us.

"Thank you Neil for continuing to raise awareness of the issues we face on the farm to more people."

The episodes last between 35-40 minutes. Two full episodes will be available to download on Thursday, and further episodes will be released on a monthly basis. 

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Google and Apple podcasts.