Star comedian Jason Byrne is coming to Bridgwater as part of his UK tour.

The funny man is bringing his brand-new show ‘NO SHOW’ to the McMillan Theatre on November 29.

Jason Byrne, renowned for his zany and comical live performances, is expected to elevate stand-up comedy once more.

This time, however, there's a twist: there's no apparent show in the 'NO SHOW'.

It promises a uniquely fresh experience with each performance, dealing away with the conventional and predictable comedy scripts.

Jason Byrne said: "I can’t wait to take NO SHOW to the Edinburgh Festival and on the road!

"NO SHOW is literally me hanging onto the edge of a cliff by my fingernails as audiences witness me turn a NO SHOW into a show.

"Using the beautiful, improvised madness that flows between myself and the audiences to create an amazing one-off performance, it is comedy without the safety net!"

Mr Byrne’s interactions with the audience, when coupled with an array of props, both on and off stage, ensure that every performance of 'NO SHOW' is one of a kind.

Following his successful run at the 2022 Edinburgh Festival with the one-man play, 'THE PADDY LAMA - SHED TALKS', Jason Byrne will also be bringing this heart-warming tribute to his father to London's Museum of Comedy for a limited run in April.

Jason Byrne said: "I am so excited to bring ‘THE PADDY LAMA – SHED TALKS’ to London this summer.

"This is a heart-warming, funny, tears down the face, tribute to my dad Paddy Byrne.

"Everyone in the world has a Paddy in their life.

"Paddy is your dad, grandad, husband, brother, or son, so if you want to laugh, cry and listen to crap advice, ‘THE PADDY LAMA – SHED TALKS’ will be sure to resurrect some beautiful memories in your hearts."

For more information about Jason Byrne's Bridgwater show, such as how to get tickets, visit the McMillan Theatre website.