Stewart Copeland from The Police will pay a visit to Bridgwater to talk about his illustrious career.

The multi-Grammy winner will bring his 'Have I Said Too Much' tour to The McMillan Theatre on November 7

Recognised by many as one of the greatest rock drummers of all time, Mr Copeland was pivotal in the famed rock band's sweeping success of the 1970s and 80s.

This was all before he became an honoured inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

With a total of 13 dates in England and Wales scheduled, Stewart Copeland embarks on what he says is his most intimate tour yet.

The rockstar said: "As the drummer with The Police I have played some of the biggest stadiums in the world.

"This tour, however, will see me visit much more intimate venues.

"It will be a real privilege to share the stories of my life with fans in these great settings."

Bridgwater Mercury: The multi-Grammy winner will bring his 'Have I Said Too Much' tour to The McMillan Theatre on

As a founding member of The Police, Mr Copeland recruited iconic musicians like lead singer Sting and guitarist Andy Summers.

His exceptional talent helped elevate The Police to global dominance from 1977 to 1986, and once again from 2007 to 2008 during the band's reunion.

Beyond his rockstar status, Mr Stewart also made waves in Hollywood composing soundtracks for acclaimed films like Francis Ford Coppola’s Rumblefish and Oliver Stone's Wall Street.

He wrote books, formed supergroups, made films, and composed music for ballet, opera, and classical shows.

An Evening With Stewart Copeland promises a riveting insight into his fascinating life as a performer, musician, entertainer, and writer.

Tickets, available in Standard, VIP and VIP Meet and Greet categories, for the Bridgwater show are on sale now.

More information is available on The McMillan Theatre website.