A JEWELLERY shop in Bridgwater's town centre is set to re-open at the end of this week after being closed for renovations.

H.Samuel, on Fore Street, is currently undergoing its first full re-vamp in almost 20 years, and the manager hopes the new look shop will be open again in the afternoon of Thursday, February 22.

“We last had a full makeover between 2005-2006 where the store was totally transformed," said Paul Watson, manager of the Bridgwater branch.

As well as having music installed into the store, the new-look shop will feature a dedicated 'Design Bar' area, in which customers can speak with staff to design their own bespoke piece of jewellery.

“People are very much more into personalisation of things nowadays," Paul said.

“We are having a designated area of the store specifically for that service.

“If you’re after something, unusual, or different… we can fulfil that desire.”

Part of the service offered at the Design Bar includes the possibility to replicate items, or even take parts of inherited jewellery such as stones from necklaces, to use in a new piece.

“They will take stones form an original piece of jewellery that you may have inherited from somebody… they can either replicate that item or they can take those stones - you can give them a design and they will make that jewellery up for you," Paul added.

Consultations at the Design Bar will take place in store, where finalised plans will then be sent onto a team of experts.

An ear-piercing section with trained and certified staff will also feature at the local H.Samuel once the store has re-opened.

Other upgrades include new display units with eye-catching, strong lighting, and the diamond bay has been revamped to include grey velvet.

Paul hopes the renovations will help to 're-liven' Bridgwater's town centre.

“We feel very proud that as a store in a smaller market town, a big company like H.Samuel are investing in our smaller store because they know the value stores like ours bring to a local marketplace," he said.

“We are extremely honoured we have been given the opportunity to provide an enhanced experience to the town.

“I think hopefully when people see that companies are investing in their business and wanting to give their customers the best services and opportunities out there - you hope it will slightly enliven the high street.

“All these things - you hope - will make people think ‘there’s something to go in for’.”