A BUILDING in Bridgwater town centre could be converted into a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) under new plans submitted to Somerset Council.

Mr E James has applied to convert offices at the 16 Northgate Building into an eight-bedroom HMO.

The applicant states that no new parking spaces will be created to accommodate the prospective tenants, and the building would be used for 'Social, Affordable or Intermediate Rent' purposes.

In the planning statement, the applicant affirmed the lack of parking for residents would not be an issue, and wrote: "The expected nature and volume of traffic and parked vehicles generated by the development would not compromise the safety and/or function of the local or strategic road networks in terms of both volume and traffic generated.

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"As such, the change of use is considered to be a 'betterment' in terms of highway and pedestrian safety as the parking requirements and trips to and from the premises are considerably less than those associated with an office use class.

"Furthermore, due to its town centre, sustainable location, it is unlikely to put pressure on the highway network, and could be occupied by residents without cars."

To keep up to date with the application, search reference number 08/24/00027 on Somerset Council's online planning portal.

Public consultation is now open and comments can be made until Friday, March 15 - approval could be given from the following day.