RESIDENTS living in a block of flats in Bridgwater have been left without windows for a lengthy period.

A building on Cannon Close just off the Cross Rifles Roundabout had its exterior windows removed as part of a 'window replacement program' overseen by Sanctuary Housing, but the removed windows are yet to be replaced.

As a result, residents in the building have been subjected to freezing cold temperatures over the winter months.

Several residents in the building have experienced mould problems since the windows were removed, and the communal hallway and stairwell areas are now covered in black mould and moss.

Rain getting into the building has drenched the floors and stairwells on several occasions, presenting a serious slip hazard.

One resident said issues with Sanctuary Housing have been 'going on for years', and that he is 'scared for his health' due to living with lung disease.

"Outside in the hallway, it’s like walking into a freezer - the floors are drenched, there’s moss all over," he said.

"It’s colder in the hallway than outside.

"I’ve been living like this for years. 

“I’m scared for my health."

Sanctuary Housing apologised for the situation, and said the delays in replacing the windows are due to 'unexpected issues'.

A spokesperson for Sanctuary said: “The window replacement programme is ongoing and while our contractor has encountered some unexpected issues on site, we have made it clear the work needs to be completed as a matter of urgency.

"We are sorry the project has taken longer than expected and for the inconvenience this has caused.

“We can also confirm that last week we sent a surveyor to investigate concerns raised about mould and damp in communal areas and we are committed to fully resolving any issues that have been identified.”