AN 'exciting' tribute act for the X-Factor winning girl group Little Mix is set to rock the stage at the McMillan Theatre in Bridgwater later this year.

The group known as Woman Like Me will perform their Little Mix Show on Sunday, April 14 2024.

The 'high-energy pop concert' is suitable for all ages and will see Woman Like Me perform the biggest Little Mix hits in Bridgwater as part of their national tour.

The successful group has performed to over 200,000 people across the UK, and 2024 marks its eighth year since formation.

Producer Matt Brinkler says: “We’ve loved creating The Little Mix Show and watching it entertain audiences year after year since 2017!

"We love the music and wanted to bring something to the audience that was more than the tributes or lookalike shows available.

"Families are looking for higher quality productions that are as good as the real thing, but at a family friendly price.

"We’re proud to say that is exactly what we have achieved with this show.”