THE current situation in East Africa caused by high food prices, poor rains, conflict and chronic poverty has left millions of people in need of emergency assistance.

Oxfam has an Appeal for East Africa and I am asking your readers to give their support. At a time when food prices are making news headlines almost daily, what we are seeing in East Africa is a part of the world that could be on the brink of the first global food price famine.

Oxfam are working throughout East Africa, but they need the support of the public to maximise the emergency assistance that is so desperately needed. Anyone who can make a donation should go to or call 0300 200 1300 or send a cheque to Oxfam East Africa Appeal at the address below.

Staff in Oxfam shops are also accepting donations for Oxfam's work in East Africa.

Hannah Durrant & Roger James Oxfam South West 207 Bath Street Glasgow