DATA published by the Office for National Statistics shows a total of almost 2,000 unoccupied dwellings across Bridgwater.

The data focuses on nine areas of Bridgwater, all of which had over 100 empty homes when the data was recorded from the 2021 census.

At the time of recording, there were 1,750 properties without an occupant in Bridgwater - excluding additional dwellings registered as holiday homes.

Here's a list of the worst affected areas.

Areas of Bridgwater with the most empty homes

1. Bridgwater Town

335 empty properties in the Bridgwater Town area places it at the top of the list - a total of 6.4% of the 5,200 dwellings in the region.

2. Cannington, Combwich & Nether Stowey

In second place is the Cannington, Combwich & Nether Stowey area, in which 225 homes did not have an occupant - 6.8% of all its dwellings.

0.45% of dwellings in this area were revealed to be holiday homes.

3. Bridgwater South

Bridgwater South ranked a close third, with 210 properties unoccupied during the census - with a similar rate of 6.1% of all homes empty.

4. Westonzoyland, Ashcott & Cossington

4.9% of properties in the Westonzoyland, Ashcott & Cossington area were left empty - a total of 205 homes.

5. Stockmoor & North Petherton

A further 205 were unoccupied in the Stockmoor & North Petherton region - 4.1% of the total 4,900 dwellings in the area.

6. Wembdon & Chilton Trinity

160 empty homes in Wembdon & Chilton Trinity place the area towards the bottom of the list, despite 4% of all homes without an occupant.

7. Pawlett, Puriton & Woolavington

4% of all homes in the Pawlett, Puriton & Woolavington were also unoccupied during the 2021 census, with 155 empty properties.

Interestingly, 0.26% of the area's 3,815 dwellings were recorded as holiday homes.

8. Bridgwater North

Bridgwater North was revealed to have the second lowest empty property total, with 130 of the 3,185 homes in the area left empty - which still equates to 3.9%.

9. Bridgwater East

Bridgwater East ranked as the area with the least empty homes, with 125 of its 3,935 homes without an occupant - giving it the lowest rate of 3.2% as well as the lowest total.