THE Chris Grabham Pop Orchestra swept audience members off their feet with a vibrant performance at the McMillan Theatre.

With hits ranging from the 70s through to the present day, the audience found themselves immersed in a night of singalongs, dance, and laughs on November 17.

The orchestra, led by the Taunton-based musician Chris Grabham, 25, comprises more than 50 musicians playing a diverse array of instruments - from trombones and tubas to harps and saxophones.

The orchestra also features singers.

The ensemble, despite its recent formation, has already carved a significant presence in the local music scene, and has attracted followers from across the country.

Conductor Chris Grabham said: “We were so pleased to be able to perform at the McMillan Theatre this November. It’s a fantastic venue and made an ideal setting for our performance. We all had an incredible evening and the feedback we have received has been phenomenal. I only wish we could do it all again!”

Their performance was echoed by an enthusiastic reception from audience members who posted laudatory reviews on the orchestra's social media platforms.

The audience comments range from expressing delight over the 'wonderful night' with the 'fantastic music' to anticipation for the orchestra's next performance.

The night was a distinct one for the percussion section, featuring an array of unusual instruments including an electronic sampler, a wind-machine, a keyboard glockenspiel, and even a thunder-sheet.

The orchestra had recently been the recipient of a donation from the Gooch Charitable Trust who generously supported them in purchasing a new gong.

This instrument was showcased in its inaugural performance at the McMillan.

The Chris Grabham Pop Orchestra has exciting plans for performances in 2024.

Fans are encouraged to track upcoming news and events on Facebook and Instagram.