YOUR report in the July 1 Mercury that Lloyds TB has written to a local firm, Queenswood Natural Foods, saying that customers who have dealings with Cuba will have to take their accounts elsewhere.

It is appalling that companies here should be pressured into compliance with the US blockade of that island, which is one weapon amongst many, including invasion, assassination and a campaign of terrorism that has been responsible for nearly 3,500 deaths and over 2,000 injuries since 1959, used against Cuba.

Indeed five Cubans, known as the Miami 5, have now served ten years in US prisons as a threat to US security for defending their people against terrorist acts by infiltrating terrorist groups in Miami and feeding intelligence back to Havanna (which was shared with the FBI). Their case, involving a working group of the United Nations and Amnesty International, is to be raised with local organisations in Somerset as part of a worldwide campaign.

Many in Bridgwater have encountered the hospitality of the Cuban people as members of trade union delegations or work brigades, or as tourists. None have failed to be impressed by the tremendous advances in medicine and education, achieved in spite of the blockade and the resilience of the Cubans in the face of the hostility of their giant neighbour.

I trust that many would like to send their comments to Lloyds TSB and also the company that has had to face such unnecessary pressure.

David Hannox West Quay Bridgwater