WAS it worth driving from Taunton and sitting for ages in a traffic jam? Most definitely! Les Miserables was a triumph, from the talented principles and enthusiastic supporting players, to the colourful costumes and dramatic scenery.

From the moment the curtain rose, we were swept along by this group of talented young people, who achieved a truly professional standard. Scott Clapp as Jean ValJean and Jimmy Melmouth, Javert, gave powerful portrayals of the tortured protagonists, whilst James Browne brought a depth of emotion and tenderness to his interpretation of Marius.

The female principles too, moved the audience with performances that belied their age, whilst the Thernardiers provided the light relief, delighting us with their confident, comic delivery.

Both audience and cast enjoyed every moment, caught up in a magical experience. I wish I could have been there every night and can't wait for the next production. Congratulations to all those who are involved with this splendid company!

A. Lindley Haines Hill Taunton