Hurd & Co, a Bridgwater-based crafts company, is launching a new training academy set to empower home-based crafters.

This innovative virtual institute, planned to launch in 2024, seeks to help craft hobbyists transform their pastime into profitable enterprises.

The company, originally a simple knitting hobby, has evolved into a multi-award-winning business.

This success story inspires the UK Training Academy, aimed at equipping future craft entrepreneurs with invaluable skills.

The curriculum will be hosted on the online Skool platform and comprises three complete courses.

The founder of Hurd & Co, Dawn Hurd, described her personal journey of transitioning from the health industry to crafts after suffering eight miscarriages.

She invested approximately £18,000 in coaching from Big Business Events, which led to her generating four-figure sales at large events like the 2019 Pure London Fashion Show.

Dawn Hurd explained: "Empowering individuals go beyond where they are currently to generate an income, turn hobbies into profitable enterprises is a daily passion of mine."

Bridgwater Mercury: This innovative institute is planned to launch next year

The academy also received an endorsement from the Rural Living Show in Taunton, further making its mark in the crafting community.

However, this new venture is not solely about profit.

It mirrors Hurd & Co’s ethos, drawing inspiration from nature and driven by a sense of community.

As part of their community efforts, Hurd & Co, stationed in Puriton, Bridgwater, has initiated a free weekly group named "Sit and Knit".

This creative hub caters to both in-person and online attendees and aims to foster camaraderie and combat loneliness, especially among older adults.

The company's societal engagement doesn't stop there; they give 5% of the proceeds from every adult scarf sale to charity Age UK Somerset.

Hurd & Co is also part of the campaign for wool, which promotes ethical practices, with His Majesty King Charles III as its patron.

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