QUESTION Time, the BBC's political debate show, will be filmed in Bridgwater this week – and North East Somerset MP Jacob Rees Mogg will be making an appearance.

Several polarising topics will be discussed on the show as a week of political turmoil has descended on the UK, seeing the sacking of Suella Braverman as Home Secretary and the appointment of former PM David Cameron as Foreign Secretary.

The BBC is looking for politically-keen residents to join the live studio audience for this week's show. Audience members will be requested to come up with two questions to be considered for the programme.

Locals successful in their bids to join the live studio audience will be contacted this week on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before the programme is broadcast at 10.40pm on Thursday November 16.

Applications can be submitted on the BBC website.

Host Fiona Bruce said: "Question Time is in Bridgwater in Somerset this week.

"I'm not exactly sure who's going to be on our panel, but I know one person which is Jacob Rees Mogg, and the other names will become clear.

"If you would like to come and be part of the audience - why wouldn't you? - apply to the Question Time website, follow all of the instructions there and hopefully I will see you in Bridgwater."

Last time Question Time came to Bridgwater was 2017, when MPs Kwasi Kwarteng, Jess Phillips and Sir Vince Cable took questions from the audience, accompanied by Guardian reporter Paul Mason and Telegraph journalist Dia Chakravarty.

The BBC has confirmed that people who have applied to be in the audience will be contacted on or before Wednesday this week.

The broadcaster's website says: "We contact applicants on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before the programme. Due to the high volume of requests received we apologise that we are unable to call everyone."

The website also states: "It's important that as many applicants as possible get the chance to be part of a Question Time audience. 

"If you have been in a QT audience within the past five years we are delighted that you want to do it all over again, but please give others a chance and don't apply this time round. If you have applied before but not been successful, we welcome your application."