IT was an unforgettable night for the town once again as Bridgwater Carnival stunned the thousands of spectators in attendance.

After some late changes to the provisional results, we now have the official results from Bridgwater Carnival.

Ramblers CC were crowned overall winners for the second year running with their incredible 'Trawlermen' entry, inspired by a club fishing trip to Lyme Regis.

The club was awarded first place in the Feature Cart Local class and the Towing Vehicle class.

They also won the Bass Charrington Cup - awarded for the most original entry, as well as Best Decorated Generator (Geordie Adamson Cup), Best Lighting (Winslade Cup), and the Championship Cup awarded to the best local mounted entry.

Wills CC took home the glory in the Tableau Cart Local class with their captivating 'Coppelius's Toy Theatre' entry, followed closely by Centurion CC's vibrant 'Steampunk: Revolution' entry.

In the Feature Cart Open class, Masqueraders CC were awarded first place for their brilliant 'Ohana (we know the way)' entry.

Westonzoyland CC's 'Amazonia (the lost city)' cart earned second class honours, with Harlequin CC following closely in third place with their 'Just another day in Hollywood' theme.

Huckyduck CC's festive 'December the 25th' entry came top of the Tableau Cart Open class, and Newmarket CC's hilarious 'dirty laundry' was named the best in the Comic Feature Cart class.

Finally, Hillview Juvenile CC were crowned winners of the Juvenile Cart class.

Bridgwater Carnival 2023 full results

Class 1: Tableau Cart Open

  1. 'December the 25th' - Huckyduck CC 
  2. 'UK'OTOA' - King William CC
  3. 'Zulu - Battle of Rorke's Drift' - Pentathlon CC
  4. 'Heart of Oak' - Oasis CC

Class 2: Tableau Cart Local

  1. 'Coppelius's Toy Theatre' - Wills CC
  2. 'Steampunk: Revolution' - Centurion CC

Class 3: Feature Cart Open

  1. 'Ohana (we know the way)' - Masqueraders CC
  2. 'Amazonia (the lost city)' - Westonzoyland CC
  3. 'Just another day in Hollywood' - Harlequin CC
  4. 'Queen Anne's Revenge' - Wick CC
  5. 'Wham! Bam! Thank you Glam' - Mendip Vale CC
  6. 'Moonshine' - Toppers CC
  7. 'The Taverns' - Globe CC
  8. 'Dracarys' - Gorgons CC
  9. 'Jack's Back!' - Ipplepen CC
  10. 'Ghost Rider in the Sky' - Sid Vale CC
  11. 'Samba' - Hot Rock CC
  12. 'Noah' - Gemini CC
  13. 'Place your Bets' - Shambles CC
  14. 'Leaving Lonesome' - Cobra CC

Class 4: Feature Cart Local

  1. 'Trawlermen' - Ramblers CC
  2. 'Dames' - Marketeers CC
  3. 'The Travelling Show' - Gremlins CC
  4. 'Race Night' - Lime Kiln CC
  5. 'This old house' - Griffens CC
  6. 'Luxor' - Vagabonds CC
  7. 'It's Grimm' - British Flag CC
  8. 'Carnaval Del Barrio' - Renegades CC
  9. 'Wunderland' - Crusaders CC
  10. 'Dusty Roads' - Cavaliers CC

Class 5: Comic Feature Cart

  1. 'Dirty Laundry' - Newmarket CC
  2. 'Waka Waka Wild' - Luckington CC
  3. 'Plucking' - Nunsford Nutters CC
  4. 'Eyes Down (Shake your balls)' - One Plus One CC
  5. 'Grease it Up' - Honiton Young Farmers
  6. 'D.I.Y Disaster' - Storm George CC
  7. 'Got Wood' - 2r's CC

Class 6: Juvenile Cart

  1. 'Sweet Dreams' - Hillview Juvenile CC
  2. 'Gustafson's Workshop' - Marina Sydenham JCC
  3. 'Buffalo Creek' - Rubalo JCC

Class 7: Groups of Masqueraders Adult

  1. 'Jack - He's Back!' - Smandys CC
  2. 'The Good go to Heaven, Wilfs go to Vegas' - Wilfs CC
  3. 'Miss Panto 2023' - The Academy of Carnival
  4. 'Fight of the Forest' - Bridgwater Belles Carnival Dance Team
  5. 'Long Zhi Hun' - Zem CC
  6. 'Banana Splits' - Dramaclub

Class 8: Groups of Masqueraders Juvenile

  1. 'Yeehaw' - Crusader Clubs
  2. 'Day of the Dead' - Rhythm Fever CC

Class 9: Groups of Masqueraders (3-7)

  1. 'We can, can u?' - ABC CC
  2. 'Christmas Down Under (Shrimply having a wonderful Christmas time) - The Academy of Carnival (The Peach Family)

Class 10: Pairs

  1. 'The Dragon' - A and A CC
  2. 'Animatronics' - The Academy of Carnival (Ruth and Rio Welsh)
  3. 'Clowning Around' - Antony Sedgbeer

Class 11: Single Masquerader Adult

  1. 'Fire Lord' - The Academy of Carnival (Adam Cox)
  2. 'Ming of the Merciless' - Roger Muspratt 
  3. 'Master of Time' - Andy Tizzard - Tizzys CC
  4. 'Scorched Steel' - The Academy of Carnival (Stirling Peach)
  5. 'Blue Willow' - Spirit CC
  6. 'The Guardian of Cibola' - AJNW
  7. 'Saving the World with his Mighty Shield' - James Webber
  8. 'Toybox Nightmares' - Inferno CC
  9. 'Charlie Chaplin' - Richard Palmer
  10. 'Ulfhednar' - Tom Herbert
  11. 'Sambista' - Jack's CC

Class 12: Single Masquerader Juvenile

  1. 'Rise of the Phoenix' - Jiggle Junior CC (Callie Martin)
  2. 'Festival of Little R' - Little R

Class 13: Single or Pairs with Wheeled Props

  1. 'Wild' - Bubbles CC

Class 14: Towing Vehicle

  1. 'Trawlermen' - Ramblers CC
  2. 'The Travelling Show' - Gremlins CC
  3. 'Dames' - Marketeers CC
  4. 'Ohana (we know the way)' - Masqueraders CC

Class 15: Vehicle Driver

  1. 'This old house' - Griffens CC
  2. 'Dames' - Marketeers CC
  3. 'UK'OTOA' - King William CC
  4. 'Amazonia (the lost city)' - Westonzoyland CC

Most Original (Mounted Entries) - Bass Charrington Cup: 'Trawlermen' - Ramblers CC

Best Decorated Generator - Geordie Adamson Cup: 'Trawlermen' - Ramblers CC

Towing Vehicle & Driver (Local) - BP Challenge Cup: 'Dames' - Marketeers CC

Best Lighting (Local) - Winslade Cup: 'Trawlermen' - Ramblers CC

Most Improved Local Mounted Entry - Stan Bown Cup: 'Race Night' - Lime Kiln CC

Championship Cup (Local Mounted) - Hardy Spicer Cup: 'Trawlermen' - Ramblers CC

Championship Cup Runner Up - Lions Cup: 'The Travelling Show' - Gremlins CC

Best Costume - Aquarius Cup: 'Dames' - Marketeers CC