TAUNTON would appear to be the hardest place to pass your driving test in Somerset and North Somerset.

Of the three towns where figures are available the highest pass rate was in Yeovil, with Weston-super-Mare coming in second.

Electronic car part re-manufacturer Actronics Ltd analysed data from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency to determine which driving test centres were the hardest and the easiest for learners to be able to rip up their L plates.

Of the 2,568 tests conducted in Yeovil between January and June this year, 1,539 candidates successfully obtained their licence - a rate of 59.93 per cent.

In Weston there were 1,611 passes from 2,756 tests over the same period - a rate of 58.45 per cent.

In Taunton, 1,695 candidates from 3,072 tests had something to cheer about during the six-month period- a pass rate of 55.18 per cent.

An Actronics spokesperson said: "To put these numbers into perspective, there were a total of 857,336 driving tests conducted in the UK between January 2023 and June 2023, resulting in 414,636 successful passes.

"This equates to an overall pass rate of 48.36 per cent for learners.

"These figures reveal a significant swing of almost 30 per cent when compared to the easiest test centre, and a 15 per cent difference compared to the hardest test centre.

"It's worth noting that smaller, local centres typically boast higher pass rates, but they also likely come with longer waiting times.

"These are essential factors for eager learners to consider as they strive for success on the road."

The tests centres are at Unit L2, Acres Hill Business Park, Off Venture Way, Taunton; Plot 11, Sunnyside Road North Industrial Estate, Weston; and Suite 2, Abbey Manor Business Centre, Preston Road, Yeovil.

The easiest centres to pass are Ballater (79.49 per cent), Arbroath (76.26 per cent) and Forfar (73.55), all in Scotland.

The hardest places are Speke, in Liverpool (33.16 per cent), Wolverhampton (34.77 per cent) and Featherstone, in Wakefield (35.78 per cent).