HOME seekers in Bridgwater and Highbridge are being offered a helping hand to get on the property ladder.

Countryside Partnerships has launched its Home Stepper shared ownership scheme at two development sites.

The firm has teamed up with Sage Homes for the initiative on selected properties at Isleport Grove, in Highbridge, and Strawberry Grange, Bridgwater.

Th scheme helps people who cannot afford to purchase a home outright by offering properties on a part-buy, part-rent basis.

You can buy shares up to 75 per cent of the home based on your level of affordability.

Once you buy your new Countryside home, Sage Homes becomes your landlord, granting you a 990-year lease while you pay them rent on the unowned share of your home.

The scheme also enables you to increase your share of home ownership gradually through a process known as ‘staircasing’, meaning over time you could own your whole home.

A Home Stepper launch held at Isleport Grove saw a mix of more than 25 sets of prospective buyers visiting the sales office to find out more about how the scheme.

Strawberry Grange is currently being sold from the Isleport Grove sales centre.

If you are interested in the homes at Isleport Grove and Strawberry Grange and think Home Stepper would be a good fit for you, the below criteria will need to be met:

  • Your household income does not exceed £80,000 per annum;
  • You have a deposit of at least 5 per cent of the share value;
  • You plan to live in the shared ownership property as your principal and only home;
  • You have passed a financial assessment, demonstrating you are financially able to purchase the minimum share value and support the monthly costs.

Darren Dancey, managing director of Countryside Partnerships West, said: “This is a demonstration of our commitment to helping as many people as possible onto and up the property ladder and will enable more people to move into a modern home that meets their needs.”

"The range of properties on offer at Isleport Grove and Strawberry Grange will help more local people secure a new home close to family, friends or work."

Home Stepper is only available on selected Countryside homes and is offered on a first come first served basis.

To find out more e range of properties that are available, please visit www.countrysidepartnerships.com/be-inspired/shared-ownership-launches-somerset or call 012 7822 6377.