A MIDDLE-aged couple soaking up the last of the summer sun on a Greek island have been badly injured in a 'bucket list' adventure.

Melanie Bryan and her partner David Jane, of Manor Road, Bridgwater, sustained broken bones when they hit an obstacle on the road while on a quad bike.

Melanie needs medical care for a broken shoulder, arm, ribs and pelvis, but the NHS says it will only cover the cost if she is treated in a state hospital in mainland Greece.

Her daughter Chelsie Reilly has launched a crowdfunding appeal to cover the £11,000 bill to airlift her mum from the hospital she is currently in on Kos to one in Athens.

Speaking about the accident on Tuesday (September 26), Chelsie said: "Mum and Dave were taking part in a quad bike activity when they hit something in the road which resulted in my mum being thrown into the air.

"As my mum has come down she has broken her shoulder, arm, ribs and pelvis. The quad bike then landed on her boyfriend and broke his ribs.

"My mum is currently in the hospital in Kos and has been informed she is unable to fly home until recovered which could be some time.

"The travel insurance my mum had does not cover her for this accident and therefore she is currently looking at some substantial medical bills.

"The NHS have agreed to cover the cost of her medical care if she were to be in a certain type of hospital which would be Athens, as well as Athens being more specialised to the type of care she needs.

"The NHS however will not cover the cost of getting her to this hospital, which is around £11,000."

Chelsie added she has experienced difficulties getting through on the phone to Melanie.

"I was able to speak to her yesterday (Saturday, September 30), but she's not doing great," said Chelsie.

"She's quite stressed and in a lot of pain.

"She'd never been on a quad bike before. It was a bucket list thing.

"I heard of the accident from Dave's daughter.

"Fortunately TUI have arranged for him to stay in a hotel out there until mum is better.

"I feel so helpless with her in a foreign country, but I can't go out there as I've just had a baby."

She added: "Some people have very generously already donated to the appeal.

"I'd like to say a massive thank you to them - some of them we don't even know. We don't have that sort of money ourselves."

You can add your support HERE.