THE world can seem a very confusing place. All around us we can encounter a mixture of good and evil, of beauty and ugliness, of hope and despair. Then if we take a moment to look inside ourselves we can find the same mixture of aspects within us and our lives that are good and beautiful and positive and also bad, wrong and negative.

It's not surprising that we sometimes feel confused and find it difficult to make sense of what life's really all about.

Reflecting on the story of Jesus can help us gain perspective and purpose for our lives. In his teaching and healing, people saw tremendous goodness and beauty. At his trial and crucifixion there was awful evil and ugliness.

His friends were thrown into fear and confusion. Then he appeared to them again and showed them his wounds to remind them of what he had been through. And he spoke words of peace and forgiveness and acceptance to them.

He showed them how what had happened all fitted together. It wasn't just chance. It made sense. Instead of confusion, depression and anger, the disciples were filled with peace and joy. He showed how goodness and beauty and hope can triumph.

This is still true today. People all over the world, from every kind of background, are still discovering that the story of Jesus makes sense of life.

Reverend Charles Chadwick.

St Mary's Church, Bridgwater