A NEW video tour of Hinkley Point C shows the major progress made on the first reactor building and other areas.

10,000 workers have been working tirelessly to prepare the 245-tonne dome which will be lifted onto the top of Unit 1 by Big Carl, the world's largest crane, in the coming months.

A spokesperson for EDF Hinkley Point said: "We've been building for this moment since the project began."

The tour shows miles of work carried out under the seabed, where building work to the nuclear power station's water cooling intakes is nearing completion.

There is also a glimpse into the progress on the 50m tall turbine hall, which will eventually become home to the world's largest Arabelle turbine.

Over £5 billion has been spent on the project, with 3,700 contracted British companies involved.

The power station will provide 6 million homes with reliable, low-carbon energy, and will be vital in helping Britain achieve net zero and stronger energy security.