TO PUT doubts on the future of Brymore School at Cannington is just another example of this government's extreme single-mindedness and one-eyed approach.

While it is correct to expect the highest academic achievements from as many as possible, it must be emphasised that education at Brymore is just not sitting behind a desk. The extra involvement in so many practical and hands-on opportunities provide for a genuine confidence booster and experience to the future world for all students. This is all part and parcel to the value added score, so highly praised by OFSTED.

How much is a single document attained at the age of 16 going to be worth in future years? More to some than others I would suggest, as it depends entirely on the individual and their outward determination. I for one was never asked to produce the piece of paper given to me on leaving Brymore!

As far as Brymore is concerned the proof of its' success can be measured by its' past. If only the general public really knew just how many local farms and other local commercial businesses are currently successfully owned and managed by past Brymorians, I think they would be amazed.

Extended to the wider context to Brymorians throughout the UK, the influence to their own local economies could be quite staggering. I could practice a catalogue of attributes received from Old Boys as to how much their years at Brymore so strongly influenced their way through life.

So come on you short term politicians, stop tinkering with long term success established over more than half a century and leave Brymore to continue flourishing until long after the likes of Mr Ed Balls and Co have long sinced wilted away.

M. D. Fry The Grange Cannington