ROBERT Blake Science College pupils took to the stage on the June 12 to put on their first ever school production, entitled Sparkleshark.

All the year seven's and one year ten students taking part, did an amazing job.

The entire cast would like to take this opportunity to say to the readers of the Bridgwater Mercury, they should have come, because it was excellent!

The director was Miss Dawn Proud. Particular thanks from the students to her for all the running around, getting stuff etc, we really appreciated it. She has also been giving up her time to help us with lines and to give us support as well as all the help we needed.

All the cast did a good job in learning their lines (especially when it was mostly year sevens and one year ten!). We couldn't have put it on without the support, help and encouragement of each other and Miss Proud.

Sadie Trent Robert Blake Science College pupil Bridgwater