IN RELATION to the recent price hike on wheelie bin collections I am abhorred, like many others and feel I must put my protest in black and white. For starters no one was informed of this until the bills came flying through the letter box. Surely there is some other way to pay your petrol costs?

I myself am an avid collector regarding recycling to help the environment, you name it we recycle it, even putting ourselves out to visit the bins in the car park next to Splash for card, plastic and any other material that will not go in the small plastic basket allocated to us. We do this reverently every weekend and my weekly bin collection amounts to just half a bag, most of that is usually packaging that cannot be recycled.

Have the councillors stopped to think this issue through carefully? Wheelie bins are hired on a yearly basis, many from pensioners, disabled or people that have no transport so do they need help for ideas on this issue? If so, tell them to consult me as I have a few in mind.

Last, but not least, have they (the council) considered how much money they make in reselling our garden compost at the end of it? Finally although it is classed as a yearly service during the winter season, many of the bins are left idle for lack of grass and hedge cuttings etc.

So wake up councillors, who came to this conclusion of higher bills for this service? Do not bite the hand that feeds you, or you may find a bigger problem of fly-tipping and more importantly, bonfires to pollute the atmosphere and undo any good that is being done.

Mrs Pearl Rendle Sussex Avenue Bridgwater