I AM another reader who recycles everything I can. I have had a garden waste bin for two years and after receiving my invoice this week was horrified at the increase.

I immediately phoned the council to say I would no longer want the bin and that we would go back to taking it to the recycling centre ourselves. The girl I spoke to said that's fine, no problem, just leave the bin out and it will be collected within two weeks!

I asked could she let me have a better idea of collection for fear that if it were just left out it may get stolen and she said she would make a note to contact me when they were coming.

I definitely got the impression that I was not the first to contact them! I am fed up with being charged over-the-top for trying to do the right thing all the time. A couple of pounds would have been fine but £10 far too much.

Another case of biting off their nose to spite their face!

Mrs Lyn Taylor Mandarin Close Bridgwater