AS there seems to have been no progress at all made with the so-called repairs of the Walrow Bridge at Highbridge, which should have actually reopened two weeks ago, I am wondering if the road over the bridge will ever be open again?

The place appears to have been totally abandoned and you never see anyone there doing any work or getting on with the job that they are supposed to be doing.

According to the Highways Department in Taunton, the bridge was to have been opened again on Saturday June 7 after more than two months of being closed, but there are still the same signs and traffic cones barring the way, without any information as to when it will be reopened, or even a word of apology for the delay.

The police are, of course, not much cop (literally!) in my opinion, as I have never once seen them approach the bridge to enquire when the bridge is being opened again, as its' closure must be a cause for concern to the police, as there is more congestion on the already busy Church Road, especially at the new Asda roundabout.

People pay a small fortune in council tax for road/bridge works, which never seem to be done or completed and are not even accorded the common courtesy of an apology for the delay, as well as the continuous inconvenience caused, or any information regarding the grand reopening. As well as being incompetent, the council don't even seem to have any basic manners either.

Mrs Jane Dawson Huntspill Road Highbridge