A WEBSITE has launched to make it easier for local businesses to benefit from the opportunities being delivered by the Hinkley Point C project.

The website has been designed and operated by the Hinkley Supply Chain team, which is run by the Somerset Chamber of Commerce.

It provides a link for local firms looking for routes into the project. It also steers existing contractors looking for high-quality local and regional suppliers directly to the information they need.

The Hinkley Supply Chain team has been working in partnership with the project since construction began. It works to maximise the opportunities for businesses in Somerset, the south west and south Wales.

Bridgwater Mercury: A screenshot of the Hinkley Supply Chain website.A screenshot of the Hinkley Supply Chain website. (Image: Somerset Chamber of Commerce)

Scott Jenkins, Hinkley Supply Chain lead and Somerset Chamber of Commerce project manager, said: “We have delivered a modern, easy to navigate website, which highlights the opportunities available on Britain’s biggest net zero project. 

“The Hinkley Supply Chain team can help anyone who is interested in getting involved with the project. To find out more, please visit our website and register online or contact me scott.jenkins@hinkleysupplychain.co.uk.”

The Hinkley Point C project has invested more than £4 billion into companies in the south west, with contracts worth millions of pounds still available.

The project has prioritised local and regional suppliers to leave a legacy of economic growth, jobs, and skills.

Bridgwater Mercury: Hinkley Supply Chain aims to help local businesses interested in joining the construction project.Hinkley Supply Chain aims to help local businesses interested in joining the construction project. (Image: Somerset Chamber of Commerce)

Andrew Cockcroft, senior stakeholder relations manager at Hinkley Point C, said: “We have already seen huge socio-economic benefits delivered to the region through Hinkley Point C and remain committed to continuing our focus on maximising local opportunity.

“The upgraded website will be an incredibly useful aid for those looking to take advantage of the opportunities throughout the supply chain.”

The Hinkley Supply Chain works to help local and regional companies win contracts by highlighting their capabilities to the main Hinkley Point C contractors.

However, the team can only act on behalf of firms which are registered on the Hinkley Supply Chain portal.

It is free to register on the supply chain portal. For more information, visit the new website at www.hinkleysupplychain.co.uk, contact the team by emailing scott.jenkins@hinkleysupplychain.co.uk or call 01823 443425.