Alfie Ogborne who signed a full time contract with Somerset at the end of last  summer during which he made his debut in the Royal London One Day Cup after impressing in the Second XI has just completed his first month of winter training, writes Richard Walsh.

“Its been great fun, which is important for me in the sense that I have now met all of the guys and spent time with them and I am getting use used to the environment of training and coming to the ground everyday- I have really enjoyed it.

“The coaches and everyone have all made me so welcome and I feel that I fit in really well. Yes it is very hard work but there is so much opportunity to improve and reach your goals here which is what Im working hard towards achieving.

“I have never had this sort of opportunity and been around these high profile coaches for as much time as I am at the moment. I used to do a little bit of this sort of work with the pathway- maybe twice a week max but now its every day. It makes you feel so special being in such a rarefied atmosphere and have these guys around to work with me.

“It’s great to have the support and everyone wants me to be the best I can be which because it will only benefit the team which is really good.

There is a lot of gym work and its Monday to Friday so pretty intense but I am very far away from where I’d like to be physically personally and I would never have know that if I didn’t come into this environment. At the moment I am looking to get a bit bigger and a bit stronger and there are already some encouraging signs even after a month.

Would he have ever have dreamt that he would have been in this situation 12 months ago?

“No that it is not even a question. There wouldn’t have been anyway that I thought that this could have ever happened to me. When occasionally I might feel a bit down about things or when I am here ion my own in Taunton I remind myself about just where I have got to.”

Alfie got his chance with Somerset Second XI after several impressive returns playing in WEPL Premier One for Bridgwater Cricket Club.

“I had a really special year thanks to Bridgwater Cricket Club who made me feel so welcome and gave me so much support and help and I will never forget that and I will be back playing for Bridgwater this coming summer. I just love playing for that club they really appreciate what you do and everyone is so friendly- I owe them a lot!”