FOR many fans of the England football team, this summer could be a very empty one.

Euro 2008 kicks off on Saturday (June 7) and, following their bitterly disappointing qualifying campaign, England failed to qualify for a major event for the first time since the World Cup in 1994.

Football fans should worry not as there is a whole feast of football to be enjoyed over the next month. Torres, Ronaldo, Henry, Totti and Ballack will be at hand to wipe away those footballing tears and provide some enthralling entertainment.

Who will the people of Bridgwater follow during this tournament? The Mercury took to the High Street to find out.

DAVID AND FREDDY HORWOOD, BURNHAM: "We will be supporting Spain this year because Freddy has a Spanish top at home."

GEOFF HOLLAND, BRIDGWATER: "My wife's Italian so I don't have any other choice but to support Italy!"

DAMIEN AND TRISTAN LAMBERT, BRIDGWATER: "We will be supporting Germany during the Euros. My wife is German and I'm fond of the name Bastian Schweinsteiger, which translates to "Pig Climber" in English.

BRANDON, ASHTON AND NAN COOK, BRIDGWATER: "We're all following Portugal this year because we like Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo."

JOHN PYE AND JIMMY WILLIAMS, BRIDGWATER: "I'm going for Spain this year. They are a close country and, as an Arsenal fan, I think Cesc Fabregas is a quality player."

EDDIE CLARK, BRIDGWATER: "I hope Spain do well. I like the Spanish people and, like England, they are perennial underachievers."