A RESIDENT said the closure of a stretch of the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal is a “huge inconvenience”.

Yvonne Harrad said the closure affects part of the canal that goes from Lyndale Avenue to the YMCA has been in place since December 2021.

Mrs Harrad said she was told the canal was going to re-open in June this year, but she added she saw a notice saying the closure might last until June 2023.

She also said: “I was told that the walled area was unsafe for walkers as the beams needed replacing as they were unsafe.

“This area has been closed since December 2021 and there have not been any works undertaken.

“There have been barriers erected to stop people using this piece of the canal.

“It has raised quite a bit of anger as it is used by cyclists as well as walkers.

“My point is that if it is unsafe for walkers then surely it has to be unsafe for the motorists using the bridges on West Street and Albert Street as well as the people living in the properties alongside this walled area.

“I love to walk the canal. I walked it every day with my dog. I now have to walk along the road to reach the Meads and Fairfield area.

“It is a huge inconvenience not just to me but to everyone who uses it.”

A spokesperson for the Canal and River Trust said: “A routine inspection of the waterway by the Canal & River Trust (the charity that cares for the Bridgwater & Taunton Canal) highlighted a number of unstable beams along a section of retaining wall.

“This poses a risk to pedestrians, so the section of towpath and canal has been closed and Trust engineers are planning what remedial work might be needed, subject to funding.

“The beams are not supporting the bridge or the retaining walls on either side of the cutting so there is no risk to motorists or neighbouring residents.

“We recognise and apologise for the inconvenience that this is causing, and we will work to re-open as soon as we are able but, unfortunately, we are unable to give a date at this moment.”