A MOTHER-of-three woman who killed her controlling boyfriend has been jailed for six years.

Hayley Keating claimed she threw a large kitchen knife which lodged in Matthew Wormleighton's chest during drink- and drug-fuelled violence.

Keating, 32, of Chilthorne Domer, denied murder and was found guilty at Bristol Crown Court of manslaughter on the grounds of loss of control.

The judge said Keating had not intended to kill Matthew, previously of Bridgwater, only to cause him serious harm.

Bridgwater Mercury:

She claimed she picked up the knife from suring an incident at their home last May.

The victim had earlier told friends she was a "nutter but the sex was really good".

Keating claimed the 45-year-old grandfather liked "rough sex" during their "toxic" relationship.

She told the jury he choked her regularly causing her to pass out.

She said: "I was okay with it, he liked it, he liked doing it. I was happy to do things for him.

"Sex would keep Matthew happy."

Prosecutor Jo Martin QC had told the jury that in May 2021 Keating killed Matthew, her partner of three years.

Miss Martin said: "There was a single wound to his chest. The large kitchen knife that she used went into his chest to a depth of 10cm."

Keating immediately rang the emergency services saying she had stabbed him.

But Miss Martin said Keating then said she "threw the knife in his direction and does not know how he became injured, and cannot remember what happened".

Keating claimed he strangled her and she picked up the knife to harm herself, flinging the blade and killing him unintentionally.

She said trouble flared between them because she confessed to sleeping with someone else when they had spilt temporarily.

The jury returned its manslaughter verdict after a four-week trial.

Judge William Hart said Keating had intended to cause Matthew grievous bodily harm not to kill him, even though she was not in any immediate threat of violence.

The judge said: "I am satisfied Matthew Wormleighton was violent towards you that night and he was trying to leave you that night."

The judge said the victim was "passionately in love with you", but added it was a "toxic dynamic" and they were "very bad for each other".

Two previous significant partners described Matthew as "caring, generous and a loveable rogue".

Keating was "funny, entertaining and kind", but "over the top", was an alcohol and cocaine user and suffered with depression.