FOLLOWING on from the hugely successful three-day festival in Taunton earlier this month, The Sound of the Streets is now coming to Bridgwater for a free afternoon of vibrant funky music.

Commissioned by Seed Sedgemoor, the afternoon on Saturday, July 23, will be a musical celebration with the brilliant Tongues of Fire, playing everything from Beatles songs to street funk, folk songs to tunes for little ones.

Central to the Sound of the Streets are ideas of participation and communal celebration.

The aim is to give people opportunities to enjoy live music, dance and sing, so there will absolutely be a chance to join in.

The event is suitable for all ages.

Street bands are one of the musical wonders of the world.

There are two main types, percussion bands and reed, brass and drum bands found all over the world.

Tongues of Fire are a nine-piece reed, brass and percussion band led by festival organiser Tim Hill who blow up a musical storm.

The band’s rich repertoire is strong and accessible, including vibrant rhythmic new pieces, modern New Orleans street band sounds, wild versions of traditional English music and a spicing of circus sounds.

So why not head on down to Blake Gardens, take along a picnic and soak up some joyful musical vibes.