A GROUP of protesters “will be blocking all three lanes of the motorway” near Taunton and Bridgwater against the “ridiculous” price of fuel.

The Stand up to fuel prices South West M4/M5 group has organised a protest that will take place on Monday, July 4.

Mike, one of the organisers, from the group called Stand up to fuel prices South West M4/M5, said:
“There will be around 100 people, but there are 650 people in the group. Some of them are coming from Bristol.
"We plan to meet at Junction 24 of the M5 at 8am (Monday, July 4).”

He also added that around 15 lorries could be in attendance.

Mike also said: “Obviously the main reason is the cost of over £2 a litre, it’s ridiculous.

“The fact that they blame the war in Ukraine is not a valid point. When we had Covid a barrel of fuel cost more than it does now but they were able to get the cost down.

“Companies are making billions in profit. What we want is the cost of the fuel to be brought down and then obviously help people with the cost of living. Everyone just had enough.”

Mike also explained police gave the group two conditions – the group can not drive any slower than 30 miles per hour and the protest must finish by 2.30pm.

He added: “We will be blocking all three lanes of the Motorway and we have spoken to and met up with the police to draw up plans to make it as safe as possible for all involved and for the general public.

“The hard shoulder will be left open for emergency vehicles as agreed with the police.”

The organiser said the protest will start from Junction 24 and then move towards the M4 and the M32 (Junction 1) to finish in Taunton.

Avon and Somerset Police also shared information about the route that the protest, which will end in Taunton (Junction 25), will be taking.

A statement on their website read: “Motorists are advised to plan ahead with several key routes likely to be affected, including the M4 Severn Bridge between England and Wales in both directions, ahead of the morning rush-hour.

“A slow-moving roadblock is also planned on the M5 between Bridgwater and the Almondsbury Interchange from about 8.30am, which is likely to head east towards Bristol via the M4 and M32. From there, there is a possibility the same protest could be carried out along the same route towards Somerset.”