A PURITON woman who still lives in her own home celebrated her 100th birthday at the local pub.

A birthday party was thrown for Effie Wilson, of Birch Avenue, in the Puriton Inn, in Puriton Hill, on Sunday (June 12).

She joined in with the cake cutting ceremony and a glass of wine as wellwishers sang Happy Birthday.

Despite having limited mobility and very little eyesight due to age-related macular degeneration, Effie still lives in her own home, where she is visited by carers three times a day.

Unfortunately, she is unable to enjoy watching television any more due to the common condition, which affects the middle part of a person's vision.

It does not cause total blindness, but it can make everyday activities such as reading and recognising faces difficult and without treatment, your vision may deteriorate gradually over several years or quickly over a few weeks or months.

But thanks to the charity Somerset Sight, she is provided with walking books and a visitor pops in to see her for a chat and a cup of coffee with her every week.

As well as a daughter, Theresa, who also care for her, Effie has two grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

Theresa told the Bridgwater Mercury: "She was a very active lady and regrets not being able to enjoy her hobbies any more - playing the piano, reading, watching television, playing bridge, being an observer for the Institute of Advanced Drivers and travelling around the South West with her husband enjoying the beautiful countryside and visiting pretty villages and seaside resorts for cream teas."

Effie was previously a member of the Queen of Hears Bridge Club.

Theresa added: "However, she is extremely grateful for the support she receives from Somerset Sight and the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and friends and neighbours who pop in to see her regularly.

"They all contribute hugely to her quality of life."

One of the highlights of Effie's big day was when the cameras from BBC Points West arrived at the Puriton Inn to report on her party.