BACK in April, the Bridgwater Mercury gathered the cheapest fuel prices in Bridgwater as fuel became a big concern for motorists with the rise in the cost of living across the country.

The cheapest station was Morrisons Bridgwater, where the petrol price was 156.7p.

At the same station, fuel is now at 175.7p, and other filling stations registered an increase too.

Here is a list of the 10 cheapest places to buy fuel in and around Bridgwater put together by

  • Asda Bridgwater Automat, 172.7p (08/06/2022);
  • Sainsbury’s Bridgwater, 174.9p (09/06/2022);
  • Morrisons Bridgwater, 175.7p (08/06/2022);
  • Unbranded Bristol Road, Bridgwater Self Serve, 180.0p (06/06/2022);
  • Unbranded Taunton Road, Woods Filling Station, 181.0p (08/06/2022);
  • Esso Bridgwater, Bridgwater Service Station, 183.9p (08/06/2022);
  • Unbranded Taunton Road, Taunton Road Service Station, 183.9p (08/06/2022);
  • Shell Quantock Road, Wembdon Service Station, 184.9p (08/06/2022);
  • Unbranded Bath Road, Bawdrip Service Station, 184.9p (06/06/2022);
  • Shell Bristol Road (MFG Express Park), 185.9p (08/06/2022).

For more information visit said on its website that “a post-pandemic boom in demand for fuel drove prices high, then Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sent them through the roof.

“Russia is one of the world’s biggest oil exporters; disruption to the supply chain has had a catastrophic impact on the cost of fuel.

“It’s impossible to say how long this disruption could last. Many UK motorists are using this as their cue to switch to driving an electric car.”

The website also shared a list of 10 fuel-saving tips:

  • Take it easy on the accelerator;
  • Plan your trips for efficiency;
  • Ditch unnecessary weight;
  • Stick to the speed limit;
  • Check your tyre pressure;
  • Switch off the aircon;
  • Keep your windows closed;
  • Change gear earlier;
  • Try car sharing;
  • Keep your vehicle well maintained.

More info can be found here.