BRIDGWATER Guy Fawkes Carnival has announced they had to cancel plans to bring their Jubilee Pageant cart into town.

With a message on social media, the team said they had to cancel the event due to “some damage caused to the cart” on their way back from London.

Bridgwater Carnival's initial plan was to display the cart - which joined the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee pageant parade in London - in the town centre on Sunday, June 12.

The full statement read: “We are so sorry but we have had to cancel our plans to bring the Platinum Jubilee Pageant Cart into Bridgwater Town Centre on Sunday, June 12.

“Unfortunately, on the journey home from London there was very heavy rain on the motorway which meant there was some damage caused to the cart so we will need time to repair.

“We know you will be very disappointed and we are sorry.

“You will of course be able to see Jubilation on the November carnival circuit.

“Thank you for your understanding.”