PLATINUM Jubilee celebrations in Westonzoyland took place at the village hall grounds.

The event was held yesterday, Friday June 3, and here is a photo gallery from the day.

%image('13851770', type="article-full", alt="Jeanette Coles with Maureen and John Workman, and Bertie and Alfie Coles")

%image('13851771', type="article-full", alt="Kate and Debra Edwards with Ruby ")

%image('13851772', type="article-full", alt="Gemma Butterfield, Angelo Taylor, and Abbie Brewer from Avon, Bridgwater")

%image('13851774', type="article-full", alt="William, Eloise and Kirsty Newcomb")

%image('13851775', type="article-full", alt="Jodie Criddle and Kay Croker [from the WI]")

%image('13851780', type="article-full", alt="CISPP [Carnivals In Somerset]")

%image('13851782', type="article-full", alt="Group of visitors enjoying the event")

%image('13851785', type="article-full", alt="Tegan, Ella, Amber and Alistair James")

%image('13851788', type="article-full", alt="Katy Howe, Pam Walters and Bronski Walters with FRONT Millie, Maisy and Daisy Howe")

%image('13851791', type="article-full", alt="Grant Newman and Lesley Kirk with their Austin 7 van")

%image('13851792', type="article-full", alt="Stuart Brakes and Jamie Taylor with CENTRE Lily")

%image('13851797', type="article-full")

%image('13851798', type="article-full")

%image('13851799', type="article-full")