What would you do with £1,000? It’s not enough to quit your job, buy a mansion, or make outlandish purchases.

However, £1,000 Is still a decent chunk of money that allows you a million different ways to spend it. Right now, you can bet on Cash4life at Lottoland where you can win £1,000 a day for the rest of your life if you win the jackpot at Lottoland.

So, we’ve put together 10 fun ways to spend £1000 a day for a week!

Focus on paying down student loans or any debt

Any form of debt is not fun and £1000 is most probably not enough to wipe out all of your debt. However, if you contribute £1000 a day to it, slowly but surely, you will be reducing a big chunk of it. And before you know it, you’ll have no more debt to worry about!

So, even though it is not necessarily a “fun” way to spend your money, having mor more student loans or debt to worry about is pretty cool.

Splurge on front-row seats

Always dreamt of seeing your favourite singer or musician up close in a concert? Treat yourself by buying front-row tickets or even a cheeky VIP package.

Even better - see if your favourite artist is holding a meet and greet before or after the show! Depending on the package you buy you can expect to pay between a few hundred to a few thousand!

Take a road trip with friends  

Road trips are an awesome way to spend time with friends and family because you will have plenty of chances to stop at different locations along the way and get out and see some the local attractions and tick them off your bucket list!

It will give you memories to enjoy and share for years to come and at an affordable price seeing as you now £1,000 to spend daily.

Experience El Clasico

If you’re into football, this should definitely be on the list. Recognized as one of the footbal’s world’s most fierce rivalries, watching a match between Real Madrid C.F and FC Barcelona is a must see.

Tickets would only set you back £200-£300. However, you need to remember to factor in hotels and food so make sure to budget your £1000 carefully, but definitely doable!

Go shark cage diving

If you are looking for an exciting experience, why not go on a shark cage diving expedition! This is a great way to get close to sharks without having to worry about getting hurt with nothing less than £200, you can start off this adventure.

A thousand pounds will do great for you on this adventure and if you’re cashing in £1,000 every day you could even consider taking a flight to South Africa for this thriller.

Order 150 10-piece Chicken McNuggets

Yes random, but is it really? Who doesn’t love McNuggets? And if you’re tucking £1,000 a day in your pocket – why not is my question. You can throw a big old Chicken McNugget party for you and your friends or family and just have a great day really!


If you haven’t tried skydiving before, now’s the chance to go for the thrill. It is a once in a lifetime experience and you deserve to know how it feels like. Let yourself be free for a moment in the midst of this busy world we live in.

The average cost of skydiving is between £200 - £350 and this might be inclusive of certain packages offered by the company such as a video of phot shoot whilst skydiving.

The skydiving cost should get you an experienced, highly rated, and legit instructor and the right gear that will keep you and your instructor safe and sound while having a blast time skydiving.

Redecorate your house

A thousand dollars will not afford a good interior decorator; however, you can do this yourself. It’s time to organize your living room, bedroom, or any room you’ve been wishing to upgrade and make that space work for you (and maybe also impress your friends and family).

This could include new paint for the walls, new furniture or even a nice, good case of wall paintings to add a touch of class to your space. You can go all out, just use your imagination …. and your newfound extra cash.

Become a Scottish Laird or Lady

For £1,000 you can buy 2000sqft of Scotalnds Highland’s. You may not be able to afford a mansion in LA, but the Scottish Highlands is another story.

After purchasing your new plot of land, you are now able to become a Lord, Laird or Lady! Imagine making your sibling having to call you by that title – I think I’d do it just for that reason.

Drive a race car

Fulfil your need for speed with a racetrack experience. You can drive real race cars that have been driven by professional race car drivers on real racetracks across the country. Pretty awesome.

Prices range from about £130 to nearly £900, depending on how many laps you desire to take around the track and whether you drive the car yourself.

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We ask the important question again – how would you spend £1,000 a day? Just use your imagination and you’ll come up with one that is perfect for you.

Who knows that dream may become a reality soon! Goodluck!