A PROPOSED development of more than 500 homes in the Bridgwater area has attracted massive opposition from people in the area.

Members of Bridgwater Without Parish Council have voted unanimously to reject plans for 560 dwellings on the Follets Farm site, off Dunwear Lane, Bridgwater.

During a recent meeting, residents voiced their concerns about the potential impact the scheme would have on infrastructure in the local area and the town at large.

There were concerns over the road system and provision of medical services, as well as loss of green space and air pollution from increased vehicle movements for people living adjacent to the M5.

A number of people spoke at the meeting of overdevelopment of the town and the quantity of housing stock for local need.

The proposal was also recently rejected by the town council and a decision by Sedgemoor District Council's planning committee is expected to be taken later in the year.

Details of the planned Hannick Homes development came to light in September 2019 when an 'Environment Impact Assessment' was submitted to the district council.

Locals immediately raised fears of traffic levels such a project would produce, particularly during peak travel times.

One resident said: "If you've got that many homes, you're talking about hundreds of cars, which is not good for the environment, or people's health and wellbeing."

A resubmission of the plans for the 21-hectare plot on the eastern side of Bridgwater,. to the west of the M5 included a four-arm roundabout to deal with some of the traffic concerns.

But there are still concerns over vehicles using Somerville Way as a cut through when there is heavy traffic on Westonzoyland Road.

There have also been calls for traffic calming measures including speed humps, reduced speed limits and a gateway enhancement scheme to prevent extra traffic cutting through Silver Springs.

And there has been opposition to proposals for a number of three-storey properties, which is felt by many to be out of keeping with the surrounding area.

Residents have also spoken of the extra pressure the development would impose on existing services such as GP practices and schools.