BELOW are planning applications received by Sedgemoor District Council between April 14 and April 20 2022.

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04/22/00003: Erection of two storey rear (South) and roof height extension, also the erection of detached garage (revised scheme). 306 Bath Road, Bawdrip, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA7 8PP.


05/22/00005: Retrospective application for the erection of a new dwelling (revised scheme for 05/17/00007). Heronry, Coast Road, Berrow, Burnham On Sea, Somerset, TA8 2QU.


08/21/00197: Formation of a car valeting facility. Former Bridgwater Community Hospital (2), Salmon Parade, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 5AH.

08/22/00022: Change of use of building to form 1no. commercial unit and 3no. residential units. Also, with a first-floor extension to the rear (North) to from 1no. two storey dwelling. 61 Eastover, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 5AP.

08/22/00034: Proposed alterations to existing roof and elevations. 44A Monmouth Street, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 5EJ.

08/22/00042: Application to determine if prior approval is required for the erection of a single storey extension to the rear (East) elevation extending 4m. 25 Taunton Road, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 3LP.


09/22/00013: Flexible use of land and buildings for Class E(g), Class B2, Class B8 and trade counter uses. Bridgwater Trade Park, Bristol Road, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6.

09/22/00014: Erection of dwelling and formation of access. Woodland Marsh, Plum Lane, Dunwear, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 5HL.


13/22/00007: Erection of single storey side (North) and front (East) porch extension. 22 Conway Road, Cannington, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA5 2NP.


17/22/00014: Erection of single storey rear (North) extension (revised scheme). 2 Barrows Croft, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3BH.


24/22/00006: Demolition of dwelling and outbuildings, erection of 9no. dwellings with parking, formation of new accesses from Brent Road and associated works. Scots Lawn, Brent Road, East Brent, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 4DB.

24/22/00008: Erection of attached side (East) garage. 4a The Chantry, Rooksbridge, Axbridge, Somerset, BS26 2TR.


25/22/00005: Change of use of land from agricultural to domestic. Erection of two storey extension to the rear (North) elevation, partially on site of existing single storey extension (to be demolished). Withy Road Farm Cottage, Withy Road Farm Lane, East Huntspill, Highbridge, TA9 3NW.

25/22/00011: Erection of two storey side (East) extension with the installation of a rear (South) juliet balcony, partially on site of existing outbuildings (to be demolished). Hillview, Withy Road, East Huntspill, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 3NW.


29/22/00002: Repairing of wall to the North elevation with the installation of nesting boxes and replacement of gutters. Replacement of gutters to ‘Gardeners Cottage’ and rooflights to ‘Grooms Cottage’. Grooms Cottage, Halswell Park, Goathurst, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA5 2DH.


33/22/00010: Outline application with all matters reserved for the erection of agricultural workers dwelling and garage. Moorhouse Farm, Yarrow Road, Mark, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 4LJ.

33/22/00011: Variations of Condition 2 of Planning Permission 33/19/00007 (Alterations and conversion of milking shed to living accommodation to be used as ancillary accommodation to existing dwelling. Erection of single storey extension to West elevation and a first-floor extension to north and east elevations. Conversion of cider barn to the East of the main dwelling for living accommodation.) to reduce the footprint of the approved, overall ridge height extension and change the North elevation first floor roof to flat roof dormer. Primrose Farm, Vole Road, Mark, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 4PA.


36/22/00006: Erection of single storey rear (NE) extension. 58 Banneson Road, Nether Stowey, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA5 1NS.


37/22/00020: Change of use of agricultural land to residential garden area, including the erection of single storey side (West) extension. Spitgrove Barn, Spitgrove Farm, Newton Road, North Petherton, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 6NA.

37/22/00030: Change of use of barn to 1no. dwelling. Stafflands Farm, Newton Road, North Petherton, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 6NA.


38/22/00001: Erection of a detached garage with associated hardstanding. Millbatch Bungalow, Holloway Road, Othery, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA7 0QE.


45/22/00002: Proposed improvements to existing access to allow for HGV access and stacking, also the formation of forestry track linking entrance/ stacking area to woodland. Land to the South of, Lawyers Hill, Spaxton, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA5.

45/22/00012: Removal of Condition 4 of Planning Permission 45/21/00034 (Erection of an agricultural building and associated forecourt. Retention of existing western earth bank with associated landscaping planting scheme (revised scheme)) to allow for agricultural uses other than storage. Swang Farm, Cannington, Bridgwater, TA5 2NJ.


50/21/00128: Alterations to existing driveway (retrospective). 7 Council Houses, Combe Batch, Wedmore, Somerset, BS28 4DU.

50/22/00034: Erection of two storey side (NW) extension and erection of single storey rear (NE) extension with installation of additional parking. 3 Crickham Lane, Crickham, Wedmore, Somerset, BS28 4JX.