THERE was a special guest in the crowd today at the Bridgwater United vs Manchester United Women's FA Cup match.

Manchester United legend and former manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer attended the game to watch his daughter, Karna Solskjaer make her first team debut off the bench.

In fact, Karna and Ole are now the first ever father-daughter duo to represent Manchester United.

Before the match we caught up with Ole to hear his thoughts on the game and Bridgwater.

Ole told the Bridgwater Mercury: "I am really excited to be here, this is a great occasion for Bridgwater.

"It is a big chance for them to get experience against the top players in the women's game and show everyone what they can do."

Ole said before his arrival he was 'Googling' the club to find out some further information and was impressed with the team's recent performances.

"When I was doing some Googling before, I saw the team are yet to concede in the FA Cup this season.

"I was impressed."

Unfortunately the end result was 2-0 to Manchester United but the Bridgwater women did themselves proud with their performance against a top, top team.

When asked what his advice for the Bridgwater Women would be, Ole said: "I think they just need to enjoy the occasion and give it their all.

"This is what the FA Cup is all about, it is a great day for Bridgwater."

After the match we spoke to Manchester United manager Marc Skinner, he said giving Karna her debut was not a token thing.

"We were privileged to have Ole as a manager and player of this club, but it isn't about that, this was about Karna.

"It is so important that we raise that fact, but maybe this is another story of the Solksjaer's and how important they are to our club."