A BRIDGWATER delivery driver had to give up his job after discovering he had a brain tumour.

Dad-of-two Jamie Lucas, 45, wants people to wear a Cancer Research UK unity band on World Cancer Day, Friday, February 4, to support the charity.

Five years ago doctors discovered a 10cm tumour and Jamie underwent a 13-hour operation at Bristol's Southmead Hospital followed by radiotherapy and chemo.

He said: “I remember meeting the surgical team. There were around 15 people in the room, and I thanked them all for what they were about to do to me.

"I knew I was in good hands and I was so pleased to be there - that may sound strange, but it felt I was being taken good care of and I wanted them to know this.

“I do feel lucky to be alive, but I'm 25 per cent blind in both eyes and I get very fatigued quickly.

"My memory isn’t very good, and I find speaking difficult as I lose my words and forget what I'm going to say, so things are very slow and tiring for me.

“To go from a job which was full on and long days, to not being able to work, I get frustrated, but I'm thankful I'm here and being able to give back to society is important to me."

Jamie, who was subsequently persuaded to volunteer at Bridgwater Arts Centre by neighbour Morag Stockton, added: "Cancer has changed my life dramatically, but I'm not one to complain about what could have been.

"I'm so grateful to be here, and the work of charities and the NHS is amazing.

“That’s why I want everyone in Somerset to get one of Cancer Research UK’s unity bands - it's a simple way to show solidarity with people affected by the disease, whilst also raising vital funds.”

Alison Birkett, Cancer Research UK's Somerset spokesperson said: “As we mark our 20th anniversary this World Cancer Day, we want to say a heartfelt thank you to Jamie and people across Somerset for their incredible commitment to the cause.

“One in two of us will get cancer in our lifetime, so we will never stop striving to create better treatments for tomorrow.

"That’s why we hope everyone will wear a unity band with pride - knowing they are helping to save and improve lives for generations to come."